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Got The Shot: Wallace

Trust in your teammates, as Maryville running back Bryson Teffeteller does here, is essential in football, but, man! How do you get selected for this job?

We like to tell ourselves today’s high-powered cell phone cameras — even your editor’s spiffy iPhone 7 plus — make traditional DSLR photography obsolete. We couldn’t be more wrong.

Blount Press Row’s Jolanda Jansma, Wallace Bowden and Cindy Nowlin made Friday’s big Maryville/Oakland game a team effort. Enjoy their shots. Here’s Wallace Bowden, the Last Jedi.

George was right: Derek Hunt, at 28, is more than ready to be the Maryville coach.

Maryville tight end Brody Sloan. And this is BEFORE the game.

Joe Black, far right, has made a contribution to Blount County high school football with his student-trainer program that is invaluable.

A future Rebel enters training.

Spencer Shore, Jack Cone and Seth Hair absorb the anthem.

What a shot! Mason Shelton, ready for launch.

Different, the other team, but we like it.

For the second straight game with Oakland, Cone was the difference.

Quarterback Braden Carnes calls for the snap.

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