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Got The Shot: Cindy

Running through the “T” at Neyland Stadium is surely a cool thing, but Maryville’s walk through the crowd to the field makes the hair stand up on your neck.

We like to tell ourselves today’s high-powered cell phone cameras — even your editor’s spiffy iPhone 7 plus — make traditional DSLR photography obsolete. We couldn’t be more wrong.

Blount Press Row’s Jolanda Jansma, Wallace Bowden and Cindy Nowlin made Friday’s big Maryville/Oakland game a team effort. Enjoy their shots. Here’s sweet-shootin’ Cindy Nowlin.

Maryville assistant coach Joe Robinette enjoys a little levity with Ethan Ensley.

Cindy and the Maryville dance team outdid themselves on this series. “Give me an M!”

“Give me an H!”

“Give me an S!”

All systems go!

A.J. Davis, with a Patriot defender in tow.

Ashton Maples is completely plugged in.

Let’s hear it for the band!

Co-defensive coordinator Nick White relays instructions to the field.

Bryson Teffeteller charges for the game-winning score.

Something we’re in no hurry to see: Tee Hodge, coming right at us.

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