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Got The Shot: Jolanda

Maryville’s Brayden Anderson snares an Oakland ball carrier on Friday. With three minutes left, the Rebel defense forced a punt to set up the game-winning drive.

We like to tell ourselves today’s high-powered cell phone cameras — even your editor’s spiffy iPhone 7 plus — make traditional DSLR photography obsolete. We couldn’t be more wrong.

Blount Press Row’s Jolanda Jansma, Wallace Bowden and Cindy Nowlin made Friday’s big Maryville/Oakland game a team effort. Enjoy their shots. Here’s Jolanda, or, as we call her at The Row, “The Duchess.”

Cade Chambers scampers to the end zone with a smile on his face for Maryville’s first touchdown in the 24-21 win.

Spencer Shore (11) fights off a block to reach an Oakland ball carrier.

Shore makes the grab.

This is how hard Rebel running back Bryson Teffeteller (bottom) fought for the game-winning touchdown.

Rebel tight end Brody Sloan, a BPR fav, wraps up with both hands after the catch.

Linebacker Seth Orren and lineman Blaize Welch (64) both played critical roles for Maryville on defense in the second half.

Don’t know who the Rebel at the bottom is, but his technique is flawless.

A.J. Davis not only led the Rebels in receiving, he had the night’s longest pass, a 57-yard strike to fellow receiver Ashton Maples.

Blaize Welch, Carter Harris (30) and Garrett Everett (82) swarm a Patriot back.

It gets terribly rough out there. Check out the chinstrap on Michael Jones.

DaVon Kimble (5) and Jones wrap up.

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