Blount Press Row
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The Church of Basketball

Alcoa’s Jalen Carter gets set at line during a instant BPR classic last week at William Blount’s Marvin Boring Gymnasium.

By Stefan Cooper
Blount Press Row

The basketball was so good, it’s like they were out there having church on each other.

The full 32 minutes.

Welcome to the latest installment of BPR’s “The Dollar Movie,” our take on life beyond the standard two-minute collection of highlights.

William Blount’s Isaiah Prats and Alcoa’s Garrett Rogers await the inbounds play.

A one-time, .99-cent subscription to the Dollar Movie comes with access to the film and Blount Press Row for 24 hours. You can upgrade to a monthly ($4.95) or yearly ($39.95) subscription at your liking.

Today’s feature stars the Alcoa Tornadoes and William Blount Governors, who threw down with an 82-81 thriller last week at Marvin Boring Gymnasium, an awesome night on the hardwood we dubbed “The Church of Basketball.”

Whether you’re a fan of the Governors or Tornadoes, or just need something to lift your spirits for a minute, best value for your entertainment dollar in town.

Click in and enjoy.

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