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BPR’s Jolanda Jansma gets the shot on a winning, sad night

Beating Farragut to advance was big. Losing Tee Hodge was bigger.

Top-ranked Maryville travels to Murfreesboro on Friday for a showdown with second-ranked Oakland with its junior star out for the rest of the season with a broken leg. The defending Class 6A champion Rebels still have plenty of firepower. Here are just a few examples.

Defensive back Jackson Jett (13) makes the stop as Sean Ward (34) closes with some mean-looking support.

Linebacker Seth Orren (26) and safety DaVon Kimble team on the stop.

Bryson Teffeteller charges into the fray.

Teffeteller defends against a Farragut tackler going low.

Our main man, Carter Harris, doing his thing.

Kimble snares a first-half interception that turns the game.

Parker McGill hits the gas, but check out the Farragut giant in the background trying to shake Graham Shelley’s block!

It gets real crazy out there. McGill gets submarined.

Defensive lineman Spencer Shore lands the sack.

Brayden Anderson slows to set up a move on an Admiral defender.

A.J. Davis turns the corner and looks for an opening in the Farragut defense. Davis, a junior receiver and Mr. Football semifinalist, finished the Rebels top ball carrier Friday with six rushes for 55 yards.

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