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She Shoots; She Scores!

BPR photog Jolanda Jansma crafts masterpiece at Hall tribute

C.J. Armstrong (5) summons the Tornadoes to the field prior to Friday’s game with Northview Academy. Alcoa donned Hall High School throwback jerseys for the contest as a tribute to city’s once all-black school. Photos by Jolanda Jansma

The Duchess and I launched Blount Press Row seven years ago this December. Come what may, we’ve found a way to stay with it.

She’s a busy lady, but, when she’s fired up, she can really knock you out of your chair with her photos.

Friday, she was fired up.

Enjoy some of her shots from a night at the “House Of Blues.”

If Alcoa school administrators don’t contact us for permission to use this shot in the yearbook, we’ll be sorely disappointed. Hint: It’s an easy ask. I mean just Wow!

They didn’t miss a thing!

Sophomore fullback Tristan Blankenship pops through for another Alcoa score.

These guys actually KNOW their school’s fight song!

We’re ready to make a significant alumni donation for the chance to run through that helmet.

Just classic. Ty Boyd with the block, Kareem Rodriguez carrying the mail.

Boyd cuts back on not one, not two, but three defenders.

Ahmaudd Sankey had himself an impressive night with a touchdown receiving, adding another on an interception return. This is what the kids call breaking somebody’s ankles.

Your basic “Talk to the hand.”

C.J. Armstrong, end zone bound.

Tornado sophomore Cortland Lard broke off one of the top moves on the night on this fourth-quarter burst.

Zane Bonham. He’s a freshman, and he’s really something.

Backup quarterback Adam Matthews got a lot of minutes in this one. Most of the starters were long gone by halftime.

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