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Monday Film Study: Hall tribute game a smash!

The Alcoa High School football team dons Charles M. Hall School throwback jerseys for its game with Northview Academy on Friday. Hall was the City of Alcoa’s all-black high school during the days of segregation. Photos by Jolanda Jansma

By Stefan Cooper
Blount Press Row

Drop 63 on somebody, and they don’t even score, there’s not a whole lot to analyze.

Top-ranked Alcoa’s 63-0 rout of Northview Academy was never about the score, though.

Tornado assistant Carlos Lopez, who coaches the kickers, spent much of the evening pondering what he’d say to his students when he reported to work today.

“I teach there!” he said.

We feel the accompanying video says it best. Alcoa’s decision to honor the legacy of Charles M. Hall School, the city’s all-black high school during the days of segregation, was heartfelt. The lengths to which the school’s administration went to pull it off — the throwback jerseys killed! — are deserving a big round of applause.

We’ll get to our thoughts on the game at a later date. It actually says a lot about how the Tornadoes have cemented their place as one of the state’s elite programs.

For now, enjoy the video. When finished, click over to “She Shoots; She Scores!” for some stunning pics.

Editor: Josh, Dr. Bell, that was the bomb!

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