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Rebels @ Fulton: Jolanda

Logan Justice lets a little air under the hood on a muggy night at Fulton. Photos by Jolanda Jansma

The Duchess says she isn’t operating at full power with her favored lens in the shop for repairs. Huh. Check out some pics from a night on Broadway on Friday:

Bryson Teffeteller circles through the end zone after a lightning-quick, first-quarter touchdown run.

Brody Sloan likes it, too.

This whole series with Trace Parris is real nice. The Maryville junior begins a sideline-to-sideline scamper by jumping hard on the brakes …

Teammate A.J. Davis erases a would-be tackler …

Parris puts on more steam …

Ashton Maples picks up a block, and the elusive Mr. Parris cuts back again!


One of two quarterbacks Maryville plays, Braden Carnes really looks the part in this shot.

Brayden Anderson just makes plays. A lot of them.

Judo chop, incoming.

Big hit. It happens.

The ability to brake and cut like this is just something not everybody can do.

Blaize Welch impresses us more and more with every game.

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