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Got The Shot: J.B.

Derek Hunt was 28 years old when he got the job a year ago. He’s done nothing but prove a brilliant hire.

The 93rd renewal of the Battle of Pistol Creek didn’t disappoint, Alcoa edging Maryville, 34-28, in a real shootout.

BPR photographers Jolanda Jansma, Wallace Bowden and Jedi-in-training Joseph Burroughs had a great night, too.

Burroughs, a Maryville High student who can also get down on the hardwood, is the kind of kid we’re actively recruiting here at BPR: a real go-getter with some skills. Here’s a few winners from J.B.:

They start early at Alcoa, even the cheerleaders.

So many drums, so little time.

Matthew Brooks may not be getting a lot of burn at the moment, but his technique is perfection.

Jack Cone with the strike out of Drew Crowder’s hold.

Just like the artistry in this shot. The Alcoa player in the background brings it home.

Rather D-up a truck than meet K’Vaughn Tyson a yard from the end zone.

The flare from the lights on Cedar Street produces an amazing shot of a Maryville cheerleader here. The dot in the top right pops like a full moon.

The Alcoa band’s Spanish-themed halftime show was a smash!

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