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Dylan Hopkins

The Maryville sophomore quarterback's stock is blowing up by the day! An invite to the Nike Elite 11 tryouts is major.

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Olivia Pepperman
It's always good to have a life outside your sport. The Lady Rebel forward is one of the district's top players, however, as this tweet, published on New Year's Day, informs, when necessary she can accessorize with the best of them:
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George Quarles
The Rebel football coach/athletics director is understandably proud of his baseball team's new field, which makes its debut in March. The new digs are located behind Coulter's Grove Intermediate. Go see it. It's real nice.
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Randy Lambert
DSC_7535His practices are so instructive you feel you should go back out and pay. The legendary Scots basketball coach had the court named after him several seasons ago. We'd have been cool if they'd put his name on the building.

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Phillip Fulmer
DSC_0557His ouster brought us Lane. We've been in recovery mode ever since. Perhaps most memorable about the VFL coach is the fact he sent his children to a public school, Maryville. Thanks for '98, coach.

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Easton Upchurch
IMG_0692The Rebel junior and reigning district most valuable player has the coolest Twitter background photo out there. Very nice.

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