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Click reaches 1,000 on unforgettable night at Farragut
Amber Click gets inside the key against Farraut on Tuesday. Photos by Jolanda Jansma

By Stefan Cooper
Blount Press Row

Farragut — Amber Click became Blount County’s latest member of the 1,000-points club.

She did it on a free throw late in the second half.

Congratulations, No. 13.

Best of luck the rest of the season.

The rest of a William Blount doubleheader Tuesday at Farragut was just one of those nights for both schools. The basketball, after a while, was just a sideline.

Farragut took the girls’ contest, 63-40, the Admirals the boys’ game, 59-35. Those were the scores — at least we think so. Allow us to explain.

Your first hint something out of the ordinary was in the offing was the public address announcer phoning into the scorer’s table to announce he was running a little late. They found a replacement. Only the regular guy had the music, including the national anthem.

As a substitute, the crowd was asked to stand, place their right hand over their hearts and recite the pledge of allegiance.

How many times do you see that?

Lindsey Roddy gets way up to deny a Farragut pass on Tuesday.

Lindsey Roddy gets way up to deny a Farragut pass.

The Lady Governors entered the contest with the sixth-best scoring average in the state at 66.2 points per game. It’s legit. Click and backcourt mate Lindsey Roddy are like Walt “Clyde” Frazier and Earl “the Pearl” Monroe when they get it going – two guards who can just deal.

(Editor: Ask your parents.)

Freshman Lexi Campos is special. William Blount plays 10-deep.

If the Lady Governors can’t shoot their way past a team on a given night, subbing five at a time they’ll simply exhaust an opponent who can’t hold the pace.

None of that happened Tuesday. William Blount couldn’t buy a basket early. Farragut steamed to a 21-5 lead after a quarter and the Lady Governors were never able to close.

Hannah Fuller was the only Lady Governor to reach double figures, finishing with 10, including a pair of treys. Click finished with nine on her milestone night, Summer Morris eight and Roddy three.

Jaiden McCoy finished with a game-best 25 for Farragut inside, with Anna Woodford adding 11.

As the Lady Admirals raced to their big early lead, it was finally noticed the clocks at each end of the gymnasium weren’t in sync. One had so much time remaining in the quarter, the other a completely different number. Even the scores no longer matched.

As a solution, one of the scoreboards was turned off. Shortly after halftime, the other gave up the ghost, the second half played blind with the public address announcer giving periodic updates.

Ever seen that?

How about this?

As referenced, game fitness or a deep bench is all but a necessity if the Lady Governors are on the night’s docket – and it’s flu season.

Basketball teams don’t necessarily go with a full-court press to turn the other team over. Often the objective is simply to get an opponent to play faster: You need the ball a lot more to make up a big deficit.

Despite a 14-point Farragut lead, a full-on track meet was in progress with somewhere around two minutes to play in the third when a Lady Admiral pulled up in front of the William Blount bench. Decorum prevents us from giving you the details, but you can probably guess what happened.

Jai Atkins eyes the rim.

Jai Atkins eyes the rim.

Out came the cell phones in the student section — the Farragut student section, mind you.

Took quite a while to clean it all up.

The rest of the game was a blur, with little changing once the boys took the floor.

Jai Atkins continues to look as if he’s the key to the struggling Governors righting the ship. The smooth-shooting big man was the only William Blount player to reach double figures with 10, but the Governors could get little else going.

One of the scoreboards returned to life for the boys’ game, but, by the end of the third, most everyone in attendance was already of one mind: Can we go now?

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