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Babi Mac Goes ‘GameDay’

Former Lady Mountaineer McMahan joins cast of ESPN pregame show

By Stefan Cooper
Blount Press Row

ESPN was all over “Shut it Down.”

Heritage great Cait McMahan has parlayed a burgeoning music career into a spot on ESPN's 'GameDay.'

Heritage great Cait McMahan has parlayed a burgeoning music career into a spot on ESPN’s ‘GameDay.’

The cable sports network thought so highly of former Heritage Lady Mountaineer Cait McMahan’s May release it made it one of the featured songs of its Women’s College World Series coverage this spring.

McMahan, better known these days as the recording artist “Babi Mac,” also majored in communications at Tennessee while helping the Lady Vols to the 2007 national championship.




Broadcast background?

ESPN doesn’t bill itself as the “Worldwide Leader in Sports” for nothing, recently adding McMahan to the cast of its “GameDay” broadcasts each Saturday.

We caught up with McMahan earlier this week changing flights in Atlanta, en route to Fort Worth, Texas, and the Florida State/Oklahoma State throw down. The kid we nicknamed “Money” as an Eagleton fourth-grader all those years ago is pretty busy these days, but McMahan took a few minutes to answer some questions for Blount Press Row to tell you about her new gig.

Proud of you, Money.

So tell us, what will the new job entail?
“I am the DJ and entertainer for the ESPN show “College GameDay.”

Entertainment business aside, how did you get interested in this side of the microphone in terms of journalism?
“I have always been interested in radio/broadcasting. I majored in communication. I love sports so why not talk about it?”

Can you tell us a little about the interview process?
“I had a couple songs licensed with ESPN. My song “Shut It Down” played during the Women’s College Softball World Series. ESPN producers fell in love with the music and personality. They asked what else I could do and my team responded with ‘broadcast, radio host, speaker, actress and DJ.’

“They offered the DJ spot. I said, ‘Let’s do it,’ and here we go.”

Were you nervous?
“No. Sports and music is what I do.”

What do you most hope people get from your segments?
“I just hope people enjoy the show and stay hyped the whole time. I want to represent the ladies in my knowledge about football.”

So, a kid from Heritage makes ESPN. Shout out to the Mountaineers?
“Oh, most definitely! Mountaineer for life!

“The football team can really ball this year?

“My dad (Earl) is the principal and he really talks highly of this year’s team. I support all county schools but Heritage is my fav.”

Did/do you have role models for the career move you’re embarking on?
“For DJ, not really. DJ is just a side thing I do and enjoy. I do not have a favorite DJ.”

Most importantly: How, where, do we catch your gig?
“ESPN College GameDay on ESPN every Saturday morning.”

(Editor: Hey, ESPN. Did you know they retired her jersey BEFORE she graduated from Heritage?)


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