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Week ending Sept. 29

His team lost and lost big, but there was no way Je’Rell Bledsoe wasn’t going to be named Aubrey’s Blount Press Row Player of the Week.

Farragut rolled, 52-7, Friday night at Heritage, but, down 45-0 with only minutes remaining, the Mountaineers refused to yield the shutout. A drive begun at the Heritage 13 was in third-and-1 at the Admiral 41 when Bledsoe took the ball off right tackle. He carried several Admirals with him the last 5 yards of a 24-yard run. Three plays later, the Mountaineer senior found the end zone on first-and-goal from the 1.

Mountaineer quarterback Jake Olvey was sharp with his throws on the march. Receivers Jesse Huff and Dylan Harris added yards after the catch. Backs Zach Whaley and Schuyler LaRue put together back-to-back runs to put the ball on the goal line, where the Mountaineers gave Bledsoe the honors.




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