Blount Press Row
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Goes By Fast (In Pictures)

Courtney Carruthers watches the video board during pregame ceremonies on senior day Saturday at Maryville College.

Her last team, her last home game.

Blount Press Row has been there for pretty much the entirety of Courtney Carruthers’ career, from her days at Maryville junior and senior high, to senior day at Maryville College.

As a thank you for the chance to cover her games all these years, we wanted her to have a good memory of the last time she laced them up at Cooper Athletic Center. Thanks to photographer Wallace Bowden, we think we’ve done that. Some of these shots will flat out blow you away.

MC assistant coach Elsa Eckenrod is fired up for the senior day festivities.

Freshman Emily Allen warms up the J. The Scots look like they’ll be in good hands in coming years. The Force is strong with Allen.

The Scots get loose for the game with Agnes Scot.

This photo actually says quite a lot about the 2023-24 Scots.

Sometimes a photograph just says it all. Wow!

Game time.

Along with being a great coach, Maryville’s Darrin Travillian has impeccable taste in game-day footwear. Two thumbs up!

Scots assistant coach Jordan Ballard stops for a photo with Carruthers prior to the game.

Junior Emma Huskey jumps center, and we’re underway.

Perfect form. You can’t shoot it any better than sophomore guard Ella Haney does here.

Scots forward Olivia Cathers deals in heavy traffic.

Carruthers will finish her career top five at Maryville in scoring at better than 1,600 points.

Allen busts a move.

Freshman Candace Stoner is going to be a problem for Maryville opponents in coming years. Along with great size, she can extend and pop the jumper.

One of the top freshman bigs we’ve seen in a while, Cathers collects a loose ball at the baseline.

Got it!

Haney looks to have everything it takes to be Maryville’s leader next season.

Signalling in a play? Yeah, that’s it.

Once the game is underway, Carruthers plays with a focus only the greats have.

Go Scots!

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