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Duchess in championship form at USA South title match

Maryville College’s Bret Thomas saves the ball at the touchline during the USA South championship match on Saturday at Maryville. Sports photographs don’t get any better than this. They just don’t.

BPR photographer Jolanda Jansma was in mourning early last month when her favored lens went to the shop for repairs.

Mozart was a bad man, but the king had some nice pianos, too.

Our Mozart got her lens back for Saturday’s USA South men’s soccer championship match at Maryville College. It’s not just the carpenter; it’s the hammer, too. Check it out.

Maryville’s Chris Fernandez marks up in midfield for the Scots.

Defender Gavin Daugherty drives the ball back to the offensive end.

Fabulous photograph, huge moment. Maryville sophomore Cole Hilton clears the ball off the 6 as keeper Ryan Jorgensen and tournament MVP Kyle Bennett (25) attend.

The distance and accuracy of Jorgensen’s goal kicks and punts change the game.

That’s your tourney MVP getting up to get that ball out of there.

Senior Randy Reichenberger gets stuck in. We just like writing “Reichenberger.”

Former Maryville High Rebel Jace Burchfield is about to pivot and smack that ball.

Bennett possesses and surveys.

Sometimes it’s all about the keeper. This was one of those times.


Chris Fernandez goes Jordan as he weighs his options.

Wonder if Maryville men’s basketball coach Randy Lambert knows Burchfield has hops like this.

Just like the angles.

Daugherty can play some ball. Swiped the rock from a Covenant forward early with a piece of skill that left us speechless. (Editor: See video at “How MC Got Its Groove Back.”)

Trevor McDonald put a deflection of a Burchfield shot home for the winning goal early in the second half.

Kai Miettinen mixes it up in midfield. His pops is a soccer god. Impact, baby!

Um, coach Lambert …

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