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Breaking Away

Seery’s game-winner caps hard-fought win to reach title game

Maryville junior Jade Seery rifles a shot at the Hardin Valley goal on Tuesday. Photos by Wallace Bowden

By Stefan Cooper
Blount Press Row

Jade Seery’s goal with 25 minutes remaining got Marville back to the district championship game for the third consecutive year with a 2-1 win over Hardin Valley on Tuesday.

Wallace Bowden captured the action for Blount Press Row in a back-and-forth thriller. Few photographers can take you inside the action like Wallace, so we thought you might enjoy a look from his lens.

Have fun.

Grace Oliver collides with a Hardin Valley defender in a hard-hitting match.

Ella McCollum settles under a forthcoming header as Emma Rice gets set.

Clara McKinnis checks up on a Hawks forward.

Seery touches up and hits the gas.

When it comes to winning the ball for her teammates, Rice is fearless. Heading this one back the other way took guts.

Technique is everything. Rice after the strike. Look at the hops!

If there’s anyone in the high school game better at free kicks and corners than Maryville junior Abby Kolarik, we’d sure like to know about them.

Seery, left, and Oliver react to Seery’s go-ahead goal with 25 minutes left.

Seery uncorks a nifty move to slip the ball by the Hawks goalkeeper.

Kiera Giacomini runs down a deep pass into the Maryville end accompanied by a Hardin Valley defender. Want to know how soccer’s top defenders apply their craft? Go watch Giacomini.

Rice-A-Roni, the Maryville treat. The junior forward pulled the Lady Rebels back square after an early Hawks goal.

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