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Alias Smith and Jones

Rebel duo combine on forced fumble that turned the game

The combination of Maryville linebacker Tommy Smith (23) working the strip and defensive back Michael Jones’ hit made a Walker Russell fumble early in the fourth quarter all but inevitable. Photos by Jolanda Jansma

By Stefan Cooper
Blount Press Row

You didn’t know how big it was until Tee Hodge sprinted 80 yards the other way on the next play, but a forced fumble by the Rebels’ Tommy Smith and Michael Jones in the opening minutes of the fourth quarter Friday at Alcoa was a masterclass in teamwork.

Mason Shelton’s contributions were no small thing in Maryville’s 28-24 comeback win, either.

Blount Press Row photographer Jolanda Jansma was a dead-eye shot with the camera lens on the play. Thought you might enjoy a frame-by-frame capture of the entire series.

Great work, Duchess.

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