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Bry Blanco

The Bio Blast! on: Bry Blanco

Maryville shortstop Bry Blanco wheels and deals on a double-play ball Tuesday at William Blount. Photos by Brandon Shinn.

Who she is: The best high school shortstop in the country, at least in our completely biased opinion. Under Armour thinks so, too. Georgia put a scholarship offer on the table when she was a sophomore.

Why we like her: There’s old maxim in sportswriting: There are the people you have to talk to because of their impact on the game, and those you want to talk to because of the impact they have on you. Blanco’s talent is stupendous. Her grace about it all is special.

Signature moment: The rope to first baseman Taylor Hodge on the double-play ball at William Blount. That wasn’t dust flying from Hodge’s glove. It was smoke!

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